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Huacaya Bred Female

Bred to CCNF Elixir
ARI# 35365563   D.O.B. 9/22/2016 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Rose Grey, Unproven
Sire: A Paca Fun's Super Sonic
Dam: MMAF Zip Ah Dee Do Dah
Service Sire: CCNF Elixir
We love our Super Sonic kids so when Allure became available at the 2017 Parade Of Champions auction we raised our hands! After her show career was o...

Bred to Annual's Bea-2 Bomber!
ARI# 35057055   D.O.B. 8/19/2016 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Silver Grey, Unproven
Sire: Voo Doo Magic of FRA
Service Sire: Annual's Bea-2 Bomber
We were asked to show this girl at GWAS for Karen Champion, no problem, standing in the ring when both judges (Wade Gease and Peter Kennedy) opened he...

Bred to Annual's Bea-2 Bomber!
ARI# 31667197   D.O.B. 9/21/2010 (8 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, Proven
Sire: PC Awesome
Dam: Colonial Thyme's Lydia
Service Sire: Annual's Bea-2 Bomber
This "Beautifully Stated" female is part of our foundation herd and we are looking forward to years of awesome crias from her. She is a gorgeous mediu...

Bred to Adonis' Altitude NS
ARI# 35030041   D.O.B. 5/9/2016 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Silver Grey, Unproven
Dam: Grapevine Farm's Bella Sera & Cria!
Service Sire: Adonnis' Altitude NS
Giovani is all we could ask for: Solid conformation, big boned frame, fine fleece with a beautiful crimp style and wonderful head. She took a third...

Bred to Annual's Chrome Finish
ARI# 31899383   D.O.B. 6/8/2009 (9 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Rose Grey, Proven
Sire: Aussie .38 Special
Dam: Grapevine Farms Syrah
Service Sire: Annual's Chrome Finish
We love the Aussie .38 Special x Rincon Cloud crosses, So when we purchased Empire's Giovani we brought her dam home as well! She will be a great a...

Bred to Bea-2 Bomber!!
ARI# 32807929   D.O.B. 7/19/2014 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, Proven
Sire: Tuscan's Prosecco di Bella Vita
Dam: AKA Lil' Liza Jane
Service Sire: Annual's Bea-2 Bomber
What a lovely female!! Soft hand to her fleece! Penelope is a head turner and a wonderful female. Easy personality and she passes this to her offsprin...

Super Sonic daughter
ARI# 35108399   D.O.B. 5/9/2016 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Silver Grey, Unproven
Sire: A Paca Fun's Super Sonic
Dam: A Paca Fun's Trifecta (Tessa)
Service Sire: Annual's Chrome Finish
PJA Sonic's Sweet Reflection is just that.......a reflection of her awesome sire and beautiful dam. This beautiful classic dark silver grey young fema...

Bred to FDA Rembrandt by El Nino
ARI# 35108412   D.O.B. 7/2/2016 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Unproven
Sire: FIA Excello's Rocky Bay
Dam: Chase Tavern Beautifully Stated
What a GORGEOUS fleece on this female! Beautiful white, uniform, fine, incredible architecture, staple! She is beautiful!!! Want to get into white or ...

Great breeding!!
Power Packed!
ARI# 32577303   D.O.B. 8/29/2012 (6 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Silver Grey, Proven
Sire: Treasure Valley's Tres Equis
Dam: Adorarosa
Service Sire: NeverSummer's Manchester
You can pack BIG things into a small package! Treasure Valley's Flirtation (Flirty) is proof! Flirty is a powerhouse of big genetics and the result is...


Huacaya Open Female

Silver Legend daughter!
ARI# 32476057   D.O.B. 6/13/2013 (5 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Silver Grey, Proven
Sire: Silver Legend of KPR
Dam: A Paca Fun's Mystique
It is not everyday that an opportunity comes knocking on your door! We have learned that when it does, open the darn door! We opened the door for the ...

Being sold with son
Incredible Production Dam
ARI# 31764988   D.O.B. 4/26/2010 (8 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Brown, Proven
Sire: Greener Pasture's Copenhagen
Dam: SHR Tierra Girl
Crescent Moon's Tia is a beautiful light brown topped of with black points with wonderful conformation and fleece. Look at her beautiful typey head an...

ARI# 32271829   D.O.B. 9/5/2014 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Dark Fawn, Proven
Sire: TAG Peruvian Bellagio
Dam: Chase Tavern Beautifully Stated
Kaos is a lovely female with density and a fine fleece at 4 years of age. Beautiful crimp style and handle to her fleece. She has a very nice conforma...

Such a beauty!
ARI# 35397236   D.O.B. 9/2/2017 (1 yr)
Huacaya, Female| Light Fawn, Unproven
Sire: TGF Royal Tribute
Dam: PJA's Mariah
Tapestry is a lovely fawn female with a very nice conformation and substance of bone. Soft and crimpy fawn fleece! She also has a sweet easy personali...

ARI# 32084658   D.O.B. 10/9/2010 (8 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Brown, Proven
Sire: MKC's Hershey Kiss
Dam: Kesare D731 AOA
Symphony has earned a strong place in the breeding line for Pleasant Journey Alpacas. She has proven to be a great dam by giving us PJA Golden Victory...

Soft and fine fleece
ARI# 35479741   D.O.B. 9/18/2017 (1 yr)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Fawn, Unproven
Sire: PJA Golden Victory's Kiowa
Dam: Penelope Di Bella Vita
What a cutie!! This yearling female has the head, the solid conformation, the presence and oh yes, the fleece!! Sire is PJA Golden Victory's Kiowa a...

Awesome girl dressed in Rose Grey!
ARI# 323377101   D.O.B. 6/23/2011 (7 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Medium Rose Grey, Proven
Sire: Emerald Farms Rincon Cloud
Dam: Rainier's Georgia Peach
Cream rises to the top and Rainier's Carolina Cloud is definitely the cream! Gorgeous dense soft handle medium rose grey fleece! Big bone, incredible ...

Exuberant Personality!!
ARI# 35111849   D.O.B. 8/14/2014 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| Light Fawn, Proven
Sire: MFI Master at Arms
Dam: VAF Mariella
Ebbie is a Light Fawn proven mom. Her fleece is bright, fine and dense with nice bundling. Her genetics include MFI Peruvian Jericho, PPPeruvian Augu...

ARI# 35032403   D.O.B. 11/5/2014 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Female| White, Full Peruvian, Proven
Sire: Maple Brook Barnabus
Dam: Accoyo America Sheba
Often asked if we have a "white" program and typically we say no BUT now, we have a white program base! Purchasing Xanadu P Beatrix from Pamela Ray at...


Huacaya Male

Continue the ATV Adonnis legacy!
ARI# 31482325   D.O.B. 3/8/2008 (11 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Rose Grey, Proven
Sire: ATV Adonnis
Dam: Crescent Moon's Starbright
Continue the legacy of ATV Adonnis! We are now offering Adonnis' Altitude NS for sale! Here is your chance at ownership of this stunning male that is ...

Awesome Herdsire!
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Genetic Powerhouse!
ARI# 32703559   D.O.B. 9/27/2014 (4 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Bay Black, Proven
Sire: A Paca Fun's Intrigue
Dam: A Paca Fun's Galadriel
Intrigue's Redemption, aka Reggie, is a handsome bay black male that is packed with incredible genetic background! Sire is A Paca Fun's Intrigue, gran...

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1/2 interest for sale!!!!
ARI# 31720052   D.O.B. 9/9/2010 (8 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Dark Brown, Proven
Sire: Aussie .38 Special
Dam: NeverSummer's Ladysmith
Manchester has the gorgeous dark brown fleece with black points and with his background from .38 Special and NeverSummer's Ladysmith, he produces incr...

Throws Champions!
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Storming the West!
ARI# 32481938   D.O.B. 5/24/2013 (5 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Light Silver Grey, Proven
Sire: Silver Legend of KPR
Dam: Paragon's Black Opal
MY OH MY! Most people do not jump in and purchase a 6 week old cria but we took a calculated risk on this Silver Legend of KPR son. Paragon's Silver S...

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Stunning presence & fleece!
ARI# 32203578   D.O.B. 6/11/2013 (5 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Dark Fawn, Proven
Sire: Snowmass Golden Victory
Dam: Moonshadow's Symphony
It is not too often that you find such an upright presence and correct conformation on a juvenile alpaca. But, take a look at Kiowa and you will find ...

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ARI# 35479666   D.O.B. 6/23/2018 (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Silver Grey
Sire: Annual's Chrome Finish
Dam: EON Rose's Little M

ARI# 35479659   D.O.B. 5/20/2018 (Under 1 yr)
Huacaya, Male| Light Rose Grey
Sire: Chimera's Black OPS
Dam: Grapevine Farm's Bella Sera

Carry on the genetics!
ARI# 35108436   D.O.B. 8/28/2016 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| White, Beige, Unproven
Sire: Greener Pastures Leviticus
Dam: PJA Tiffany Ice
PJA Levideon (Levi) is a strong, large boned male with a great presence. His fleece is very nice with a beautiful crimp style and great density. He ge...

Future herdsire!
ARI# 35097396   D.O.B. 8/15/2017 (1 yr)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Fawn, Unproven
Sire: Snowmass Mr Sizlin Rose
Dam: Red Granites Ebbie
Wow! This yearling male is rockin' it! Compact solid frame, great conformation and fleece make the "package". Dalton is showing us great potential for...

ARI# 35108344   D.O.B. 5/10/2016 (2 yrs)
Huacaya, Male| Medium Silver Grey, Unproven
Sire: A Paca Fun's Super Sonic
Dam: A Paca Fun's Colette
May 10, 2016 was an exciting day for us when this guy entered the world! Not to disappoint, PJA Super Sonic's X-1 is growing into a wonderful male wit...

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