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Almost! We are ALMOST home!

The early morning sun on our home!
We are almost ready for our BIG move to our new ranch in Hesperus, CO. Alpaca pens are fenced in, barn is ready and the human house is 99.9% finished. Aww, who cares about the human house, it is the alpacas that count! Counting our way down to Labor Day weekend which is now slated for our move home. It has been a long year and tons of blood, sweat, tears and laughter along the way. Getting settled into the house and getting our alpacas to our ranch is utmost on our priority list right now.

Stick with us to see pictures of when the alpacas actually arrive to our ranch from their summer agisting home.

We need to send a HUGE thank you to Jim and Lois Burbach at Navajo Lake Alpacas and Blair and Karen Christensen at Bluebird Alpacas for hosting our herd all summer. You guys are the BEST and we could not have done this without your help and support!