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Just back from Colorado

We just got back from a 3 day trip to Colorado to visit our alpacas that are agisting at Navajo Lake Alpacas and to see the progress on our barn construction. All of the alpacas are doing very well and enjoying their summer of cool weather and wonderful grazing. We don't think they even miss us.

It is one thing to see pictures of your barn being built on your property but another to actually see it. Man, it is big! At least to us it is and it is such a wonderful sight. The roofing is being put on this week. We have wonderful well water. Alpaca pens are being planned out. We are still seeing the dream. We actually kind of lived the dream this weekend by finally staying on our own property in our travel trailer. It was so cool to be able to "go home" after being out visiting friends and alpacas. As you can well imagine, it was very difficult to come back to the heat of Phoenix.

We just keep remembering....."Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind". We keep dreaming our dream! Pleasant Journey Alpacas in Hesperus, CO is the dream!